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Posted: October 10, 2007 in A Chat with Author, Descartes

” It was at the same time of an adventurous and prompt nature to fold up itself ”

Discussion with Genevieve Rodis-Lewis, by François Ewald
Literary magazine n° 342
April 1996

” I thus doubt I exist ; or what is the same thing : I think, therefore I exist. “Descartes

Genevieve Rodis-Lewis devoted her life to Descartes. Its work on metaphysics, morals, anthropology, marked contemporary knowledge. In its biography, undoubtedly final (” Descartes “, éd.Calmann-Lévy), it only did not correct the errors of its precursors, but did not seek to include/understand the character of the Descartes man.

Q – Why a new biography of Descartes ? (more…)