Complete Reviews of "Reminder"

Posted: September 28, 2007 in Book Review, Remainder

‘A splendidly odd novel… a refreshingly idiosyncratic, enjoyably intelligent read.’ The Guardian

‘Remainder is an intelligent and absurd satire on consumer culture.’ The Times

‘McCarthy’s prose is precise and unpretentious. His anti-hero is a sympathetic Everyman, and it is difficult to resist the dominion of his obsession… its minatory brilliance calls for classic status.’
The Independent

‘…strangely gripping… Remainder should be read (and, of course, reread) for its intelligence and humour.’

‘The storyline mesmerizes in its imaginative brilliance… the novel explores complex philosophical ideas about “being” in a simple and direct way. And through McCarthy’s attention to detail, the fantastical plot always retains a feeling of plausibility. The story raises fascinating questions about whether human experience is ever really original or always in some ways an imitation or performance. And in the dark denouement, we are left feeling that there is something integral to human identity that can’t be rationalized, summoned up, or manufactured.’
The Sunday Telegraph

‘Enthralling, dotted with dark humour and undoubted originality… it really sticks around in the mind, nagging at one afterwards, and the most complimentary thing that can be said about this novel of repeating scenes is that it really does deserve to be read a second time.’
The Irish Times

‘This isn’t how we expect a novel to be, but it’s why it’s a very good novel indeed. It trains you out of a certain way of thinking.’
London Review of Books

‘…a seamless work of fiction infused with dark humour and echoes of Heidegger, Camus and Burroughs.’
Dazed & Confused

‘Remainder, with seamless prose, endlessly probes the surface of the ‘event’, its infinite elements, angles, perspectives, how it comes about, how it can be brought about again, then lived and relived in Ballardian orbits and Beckettian vibrations… It will remain with you long after you have felt compelled to re-read it.’
Time Out

‘Remainder is one of the quirkiest books I’ve read in a while. In a feat of almost Beckettian precision and austerity, McCarthy conjures this absurd and darkly funny vision seemingly from the air.’
The Melbourne Age

‘A masterpiece waiting to happen – again and again and again.’
3:AM Magazine

‘Remainder is a triumph and probably one of the most refreshingly brilliant novels you will read for a very long time to come. You will treasure this novel, it will sit on your book shelves with pride, you will hold it in your hands and grin like a child at Christmas. It will be passed onto friends and family. You will read this remarkable novel again and again and again.’


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