Poetry: Between Shadows and Light

Posted: September 24, 2007 in Between Shadows and Light, Poetry, Tom Watson

A journey through poetry, prose and short story from the darkness of this world into the Light of God’s love.

You Breathed On Me

I took a walk today.
And You breathed on me….

The path was rock strewn along the way.
I stepped around and over them true to my course
True to the path, set my way

You breathed on me….
You breathed on me….

The path was golden lit and I knew its source.
Along the sides, a garden as green and fresh
As any known, followed the path, a gift from its source.

You breathed on me….
You breathed on me….
You breathed on me….

The Sun rose warm and pleasant to the flesh
And I knew you touched me through my tears
And your song made chills crawl along my flesh.

You breathed on me….
You breathed on me….
You breathed on me….
You breathed on me….

Along the path I dropped my fears, my years,
My sinful ways; with no power over my life story,
All have fallen, left outside eternity’s years.

You breathed on me..
Full of power without force

You breathed on me..
While I praised you along the way.

You breathed on me..
Whispering forgiveness in my ears

You breathed on me..
Giving me need and reason to pray.

At the path’s end, facing Your glory
I fell to my knees, tears flowing free.
Finally set to forever give You all glory.
For today,
You breathed on me.

A mixture of some “dark” poetry, haiku, and poems glorifying God. Contains also a dedication to the author’s deceased mother, whose writings, though not many, were an inspiration to him…

Tyburn~ Offering


I gave my life; taker, holder, tight
I gave my soul; freer, Savior, Light.

Professional Reviews
Between Shadows and Light
Genre: Poetry/Christian
Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews.

Title: Between Shadows and Light
AUTHOR: Thomas Watson

The words we speak ride the breath of life, and upon death, fall to nothing. Words that are written however are as the rain upon the earth, the sun in the sky, always available to offer despair and hope and the promise of Love at the end of our days.
Thomas Watson.

Poetry, prose and a short story comprise Between Shadows and Light. The author’s varying style includes Haiku, rhyme and didactic works which reveal a tormented soul and a soul raised from the ashes of darkness to a new light, the Light of God’s Love.

Short and sweet:

His love….

Or long and detailed like Farmer’s Tale:

In traveling down these country roads, I could write a book,
Rolling over these sway back hills, I could tell of a town………………..

Filled with heartfelt emotion and prayer like reverence, this is poetry for the Christian soul.

Author, Thomas Watson’s “darkness” stems from a lonely childhood and a military career in Viet Nam. There he met his wife; Miyoko and the “Light” began to shine. His final enlightenment came in the form of the love of Jesus Christ. Recommended as poetry for Christian readers.
Books may be purchased directly from the publisher and available on: http://www.amazon.com

Title: Between Shadows and Light
Author: Thomas Watson
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1-4208-3791-5Pages: 137
Price: $n/a Nov. 2005


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