Novel: "The road Home"

Posted: September 24, 2007 in Novel, The Road Home, Tom Watson

Comments regarding the novel “The Road Home”

Tom Watson is my friend and a gifted writer. Since finding his own road home, following a heart-rending loss, Tom has sought to use his warm writing talents to help others find theirs. He weaves a blend of thought-provoking sayings, poetry, and narrative into his first fiction novel, “The Road Home.” Each chapter draws in the reader with new characters and a captivating storyline. Tom’s descriptive detailing of sights, sounds, and emotion makes the characters
come alive, and energizes the reader to find out what happens next. Although life is difficult and sometimes unfair, “The Road Home” shows that “happy endings” do happen if people make the right choice. This book will make you think, make you laugh, make you cry, and give you hope for the future. There is a little of Jerry Marshall (the main character) in all of us. If you haven’t already found it, this book may help you find your own road home. Happy reading!

Chris Losey, Pastor


Tom Watson “is a pen in the hand of God.” given the gift to write and share his faith in Him. This is an adventurous heart warming story. It was hard to put this book down; I just had to find out what happened right until the end of the story.

Published Author of “Rose Petals, Rose Garden Collections”, Debbie R. Forest, Ontario Canada…

Descriptively honest and compelling, A poignant writer emerges in Tom Watson. As each chapter unfolds, this book will make you laugh, cry, and Think.
Simone Rivers

In The Road Home this gifted author give insight to our reliance on each other; Increases awareness of our fellow man’s needs; truly influences our hearts; Helps us have an intimate relationship with our feelings. Such an inspiring book.

Marina Cassimus

This Christian theme book weaves a lovely, heartwarming story of a boy and obstacles he must overcome beginning in his early life, and how he learns on his own to handle his difficult life as a Christian. Christian principals abound throughout the book. This book is on the Christmas list for my grandchildren! Agape!

Monica Patenaude

In the City of God, St. Augustine writes, “God must be our teacher if we are ever to be wise, and He must be the Source of our inmost consolation if we are ever to be happy.” Tom Watson is familiar with that theme in his provocative novel about childhood, love, loss and redemption. He has made redemption interesting and draws a picture of how it is our every day life. Whatever his characters are doing, there is a hope that is not always seen but never absent. As a gifted
writer he is able to look at death without despair, even exposing the inner parts of his own life asking us to never give up no matter how much darkness surrounds us. Like David of the Old Testament, walking through the valley of the shadow of death is but one step on the road to eternal life in Jesus Christ.

This novel also evokes memories of his own childhood and reading his story will bring to mind our own experiences with family and how, many of us, lived on the edge of poverty but with love and family support that got us through tough times. One strong theme in the life of our hero is friendship. Darkness is never without humor and Watson can see the light side of life when others might see only loss.

The Book of Revelation in the New Testament is about how our lives on earth are connected with God’s heaven and his presence with us. We might say that on a small intimate scale Watson has grasped the message of Revelation and how God is with us in the midst of our tragedies and darkness and how the living Christ is always in our midst if only as a stranger holding our hand in friendship. Sometimes He comes to us in another man’s story who is willing to share it
with the rest of the world. I am glad Tom Watson is my friend and a brother in Christ. He writes from the inside out and from his own losses and darkness asking us to see the light that is all around us.

John Graves

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