Granta 92: The View from Africa

Posted: July 30, 2007 in Literary Issue, Literary Magazine

Africa is too large and diverse for generalizations. It has fifty-four nations, five time zones, at least seven climates, more than 800 million people and, according to the latest diligent research, maybe 14 million proverbs. South Africa and Burkina Faso have as much in common as Spain and Uzbekistan. And yet people do generalize; Africa has become the continent of moral concern.

This issue of Granta contains fresh voices from Africa, in all their differences, as well as memoir and reportage which reflect the past and present of its people.

John Ryle, Introduction: The Many Voices of Africa (read)
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, The Master
Moses Isegawa, The War of the Ears
Kwame Dawes, Passport Control
Segun Afolabi, Gifted
Binyavanga Wainaina, How to write about Africa (read)
Geert van Kesteren, The Ogiek
Ivan Vladislavic, Joburg
Adewale Maja-Pearce, Legacies
Nadine Gordimer, Beethoven Was One Sixteenth Black
Helon Habila, The Witch’s Dog
Daniel Bergner, Policeman to the World
Santu Mofokeng, The Black Albums
Lindsey Hilsum, We Love China (read)
John Biguenet, Antediluvian

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