Who is D.H. Lawrence

Posted: July 24, 2007 in Biography of Author, DH Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence was born David Herbert Lawrence in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire on September 11, 1885. Eastwood was a coal mining town filled with hardworking Englishmen and women. D.H. was considered eccentric for his lack of work enthusiasim and his love of literature.

After finishing grammar school, D.H. recieved a scholarship to attend Nottingham High School. Ironically, D.H. did not excell in school and after dropping out of school he gained a clerkship in a surgical appliance factory. It was during this time that D.H. met Jessie Chambers and the two became fast friends. Jessie tutored D.H. and encouraged him to begin writing in 1905. D.H. went on to gain a teaching certificate from University College, Notingham

In 1911, D.H. quit teaching because of a reoccuring battle with pneumonia. He eloped with Frieda Weekley (née von Richthofen), a German wife of a professor at Nottingham. The couple traveled across Europe and were finally married in 1914 after Frieda’s divorce.

During WWI, D.H. and Frieda lived in virtual poverty in England. After the war was over D.H. went to Italy and never returned to his home again. On March 2, 1930 Lawrence died in Vence, France from complications of tuberculosis.

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