This blog will note Great Works and the authors

Posted: July 24, 2007 in About Literature

Literature, historically, have influenced all ascpecs of our life. Though it is only a fiction, do not tell about the reality, but literature is a reflection of human life, a potret of the society. Reading novel, short story, poem, or the other literary works, either gives you a “lesson” also entertain so much. Horace wrote in his Ars Poetica that poetry (and of course, the other literary works) must be dulce et utile (“pleasant and profitable”), both enjoyable and instructive.

And this blog is an effort to record some great literary works of the great writers of the wolrd, from the classic, middle, modern, post modern age; from England, and other european, America, and author from the east.

This blog will provides you the author works, such as novel, poem, short story (of course, the works which are allowed to distribute, do not againts the copy right), also the creative process of the authors, and some analysis or critics of those works.

The publication of this blog aims to provide a comprehensively literary information which can be easliy downloaded or copied by all students of faculty of letters, lecturers, and all of people that shows interest in literary issues.

Hopefully, this blog will help you find an accurate and comprehensive literary information.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is a great job, I think you should keep blogging, note ever document from the east literature, which is still very limited data on the net, especially in english…

  2. eastern writer says:

    thanks alot for your support. i just make this blog for my own documentation, and i will be happy if people get benefits from this blog.

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